Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mister Rob

Sticking to the theme of papercutting, I want to introduce you to a wonderful artist called Rob Ryan. He is definately top of my list for art to buy when I grow up and start to collect art! He does these wonderful papercuts and screenprints and has done work for Vogue, Paul Smith and Fenchurch as well as lots of book illustrations and record covers.

His beautiful illustrations are like little scenes from a fairytale and are accompanied by beautiful inspired text about love and life. Rob says that he is doing exactly what he did as a child "drawing and writing, trying to make sense of things I don't know."

You can find some of Robs work to buy in his Etsy shop. Amazing screenprints for when I grow up and beautiful affordable little tiles to keep me going til then! And you can keep up with his most recent work on his blog.