Saturday, January 12, 2008

Sewing the Invisible

When I first saw this amazing collection - by Brazilian designer Jum Nakao - I fell in love. And the more I saw and read the better it got. There are so many layers of beauty and meaning in the collection. These delicate paper dresses are a cross between fashion and art. On one level they are really beautiful, dreamy, ephemeral. They make me think of fairy tales, summer and wedding dresses. The construction is amazing…1000s of hours work must have gone into making those cuts nevermind the folding and weaving! It reminds me of lace making, embroidering and weaving…the time consuming crafts that went into fashion in times gone by.

On another level Jum Nakao is making a statement about the impermanence of fashion. At the end of the catwalk show, he has the models rip the dresses off and tear them up. (I nearly cried!) According to the press release “At the end of the parade has been a clear message: Fashion is a means and not an end in itself.”

A film posted on YouTube follows the team presenting the collection in Paris in 2005 and shows everything from construction, choosing models, staging and make-up to the show itself. It's in 11 parts but I highly recommend watching it. It gives a much better sense of the collection as well as the work that went into it than photos do by themselves. (But just in case you don't get around to watching all of it I'll let you in on a secret - the dress ripping catwalk show is Part 10)

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cally said...

Wow this is amazing!

Thanks loads for leaving that great comment on my blog, I've posted a reply in the same comment space.

It's always good to know others have the same feelings about these seemingly simple activities. I'm usually good at faking wellness around friends, a little burst of energy to fool them for an hour, but last few months I can't even manage that.

My blog has been a real lifeline, though I sometimes waste far too much time and energy getting lost in other blogs, flickr, etsy etc! But the benefits outweight the negatives, as long as I am careful. I hope your will do the same for you, it's off to a great start already.

Here's to both of us getting some energy this year!