Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Its Official - the Sartorialist is coming to Dublin!

Unfortunately while he's sitting in the Gallery of Photography signing books with Garance by his side (I'm just guessing!) I'll be here in Cork, just 3 little hours away. Ever since I heard he was coming I've been plotting and scheming and bargaining with myself to find a way to be there but alas its not to be. Ah well they do say you should never meet your heros.

The Book Signing at Barneys New York and the After Party , Photos by Joe Ferrucci

Is it strange that I am actually more disappointed by the fact that I might be missing meeting Garance than Scott. (I mean I have no idea whether she will be there or not, I just like to imagine she will be... So don't sue me if she's not!) While I admire Scott Schuman for his beautiful photos and his amazing blog I have no idea what he's actually like as a person but I feel like I know Garance through her blog. She's beautiful and talented and artistic and funny and she doesn't take herself too seriously. Its funny how you can feel you know someone so well through their writing, especially blogging, without ever meeting them. I feel like we're the best of friends and we would have spent the evening in Harvey Nichols sipping cocktails, chatting about shoes and giggling about girly stuff. But if I ever met her in real life I know I would be nervous and shy and tounge-tied. So it is true what they say about never meeting your heros, this way I can keep the fantasy alive! Well that's enough of my rambling on about my girl crush, its supposed to be about the Sartorialist!

The Book Signing at Colette, Photos by Karl Hab

I am really truly looking forward to getting my hands on the book. If you've been reading this blog for any length of time you'll know I love his photos. I've really enjoyed some of his recent blog posts about photographers and photography books that inspire him, which puts his work in the wider context of photography. He was one of the first streetstyle photographers to use blogging to share his photos back in 2005. It seems like a lifetime ago, and such a simple idea now that there are hundreds of streetstyle blogs around. (What did we do without them?!) Yet the Sartorialist is still one of the best. His photography is consistently beautiful, his subjects consistently stylish. Every day there is some more inspiration to be found on his blog. I think it will be really nice to be able to hold is photos in the hard copy form of a book.

The Sartorialist Flick Through from Susie Bubble on Vimeo.

So for any of you who will be in Dublin on Friday October 9th there will be both a book signing and a reception. Details are below. I heard that you should ring the Gallery of Photography to put your name on the list. So dress fabulously, have fun, take loads of photos and say "Hi!" to Scott and Garance for me!

Dublin Signing
Friday October 9th
at The Gallery of Photography
Meeting House Square
Temple Bar, Dublin 2

Reception after the Signing
Friday October 9th
at Harvey Nichols
Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16
in the First Floor Bar

PS. If there's anyone going who wants to volunteer to get a book signed for me I probably wouldn't say no!


Anonymous said...

I hadn't heard of The Sartorialist. Thanks for the link - great photography. Nice one!


Anonymous said...

I love Garance...her blog is so inspiring..

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

I agree, I try to think of them as just "people" you know, equal, but I think in life I would be so intimidated! I think Sart looks like he's constantly pursing his lips in pics!

indigo16 said...

I decided not to go to the London book signing, although interestingly realised afterwards that the crowd would have been the best dressed ever for a book signing! And as such great fodder for some photography.
I agree he is still the best by a country mile and miss his slot on style.com.
The good thing though is so many have joined in and at last I think some publications maybe getting the message that we crave real people untouched by the brush of photoshop. Blogging is a powerful tool and should make people sit up and make some creative changes.

Thank you for you comments about my very early attempts to draw 'what I wore today' keep going with yours I promise it gets easier and is quite addictive!
Finally I am looking forward to seeing some of your images from your new camera, I have a Seagull which is lovely but I have not used it for years, yet the images it gives can be very beautiful, so have fun.

Little Monarch said...

i love the two of them. two people made for each other. great post. and yes never meet your heroes you usually end up being disappointed. OR they live up to everything you ever dreamed of and more :-)

Kate said...

Ah, another great reason I should take a trip to Dublin!

calivintage said...

oh thanks for your tumblr link! hehe, i don't mind being untumblopular really! haha.

by the way, you have such a nice blog! ;)

FashionsLaboratory said...

Sigh i feel your pain, i too was stuck in cork mourning the fact that a trip to the capital wasn't made possible due to that ever annoying thing called work, i'd say it was amazing!!

Love the blog!!

josephine said...

i totally know what you mean. i love both blogs, but i find myself drawn more to garance's voice; it's so friendly, hilarious, and full of joy.

thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog, too!