Monday, October 5, 2009

Thousand Portraits

two photographers · one camera · one weekend · a thousand people

Our project is a true portrait of Britain created by photographing 1,000 people. We stopped everyone who crossed our path on the streets of London, excluding nobody, asking the same question more than fifteen hundred times. In a moment where recession is the main subject of every discussion, it was striking to come across such positive attitude. This is the true face of Britain.

This great project is by Fabulous Muscles and Carlo Nicora. You can see all the photos on the Thousand Portraits website, in the Thousand Portraits video slideshow or the Thousand Portraits Flickr photoset. Its well worth having a look, there are so many wonderful portraits. The diversity of people is great, the expressions are fantastic and you find yourself wondering about the people. Who are they, what were they on their way to do when the photo was taken. So go have a look and see if you find anyone you know !


Anonymous said...

What a great idea, thanks so much for posting! I wouldn't have known about it if you hadn't! x

Anonymous said...

love the third snap x

Raji said...

Such a great ideaa
And sounds like lots of fun

Ashley said...

Such an amazing idea, and beautiful pictures! So many stunning faces!

Little Monarch said...

Congratulations! you won my giveaway :-) send me your address lady love and Ill send out your mystery prize x