Wednesday, November 25, 2009

All I want for Christmas is...

Its ok my 2 front teeth are still intact, its just Christmas wishlist time! I know most blogs are doing Chirstmas "Gift Guides" around now, but to be honest I have enough trouble choosing presents for the people I know, nevermind trying to guide you all with your decisions! So instead I'm going to share my wishlist with you. It might inspire you if you know someone who's a bit like me...a girl in her 20s that likes pretty things, clothes, art and photography. My Mum asks us every year for a few ideas of things we'd like for Christmas, and this year she'll be pleasantly surprised with the level of, prices & websites. Its all in a days work when you're researching a blog post! So these are just a few of the things I'd be delighted to find under the tree on Christmas morning...

Looking Forward
A Handpulled Print by Heather Smith Jones
$40 - Etsy

The Pembroke Cowl in Cranberry
$115 - Yokoo on Etsy
Cowls/Snugglers/Scarfs start from a more affordable
$50 for the also very lovely Vermont Snuggler

Little Toyboat Necklace
$92 - yellowgoat on Etsy

Here Comes the Sun Necklace
$30 -Mixco on Etsy

Pixie's Peacock Mini
€110 - Nadinoo

Vintage Ivory Fascinator
$25 - itsthelittlethisut on Etsy

A Handmade Leather Satchel
15" Satchels are £64.99 - The Cambridge Satchel Company
I couldn't find a good photo on their website so photo is of Amy Little
photographed by Vanessa Jackman

Moleskine Volant Daily Diary 2010
£20.75 at
€28.70 at the
A little bit big for throwing in your bag but they look very beautiful!

Any kind of pretty Japanese Masking Tape.
Available from in packs of 3 from $7.50 at Ginko Papers
Available individually and in packs from $5 at Happy Tape

Tokyo and my Daughter by Takashi Homma
£11.94 on
€10.80 0n The
Just one of the many photography books in my Amazon Wishlist!


Annie said...

I want to find a beautiful fascinator as well. And those Yokoo scarves are the best - I want one so badly!

P.S. My word verification is "retro" - I just thought that was cool!

Little Monarch said...

wow I want everything on your wishlist please. especially the moleskin diary! its epic x

Fridexer fashionrandomideasmixer said...

Toyboat Necklace is the best necklace ever i`ll put it in my wishlist too!

Anonymous said...

Yup I'm wishing for a leather satchel too. Though I don't really mind what part of someone makes it! ;)

Jasmine said...

Cute pictures, I really like the rainbow necklace :)

Allegra said...

so cool! I want that feather thingy as well!! can't wait for Christmas..

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

That print is lovely! I have a difficult time buying gifts too, mostly b/c all my people are very particular or ask for extremely boring (to me) things! Like a vacuum, seriously? What's the fun in that?

Raji said...

These are beautiful, everything!
Can I have one of it all too please?

NINA said...

what a cute necklaces! xo

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool

Anonymous said...

Love the nude fascinator! :)

donna AND navaz said...

It's all about the Japanese masking tape for me. Beautiful!