Saturday, November 15, 2008

Portraits of a City and its Orchestra

I saw these amazing photos over on Pia Jane Bijkerk's wonderful blog. They are are a series of portraits of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra taken by photographer Anthony Geernaert and placed into the landscape photographs of David Knight. The photos were 'merged' in photoshop but they are so amazingly realistic that at first I thought they were actually really pasted up around Sydney. (Thanks Pia for letting me know how it was done!) I love the juxtaposition of these larger-than-life musicians and the everyday life passing by. The places he has captured are also beautiful architectural moments that make me want to go to Sydney tomorrow. (I also heard a rumour that its warm and sunny there right now, but of course that has nothing to do with it!)


Georgia (AKA g-bug) said...

very very cool!
i would love to see this in person.

i am a great lover of classical/orchestral music. this is such a unique and interesting display of photography.

Pia Jane said...

Hi Miss Milki, thanks for letting me know you posted these photographs, aren't they fabulous! But I must let you know that the 'billboarding' of the sydney symphony portraits were done in post production - which means the very talented retoucher had to put the portraits in the landscapes in photoshop. And yes, it is super warm and sunny in Sydney right now or so I have heard - here in Amsterdam, it is cold and raining! For you too maybe? Have a lovely day!

Pia Jane said...

Just read your description again and realised the description in my post totally led you astray with how these photos were produced, I'm so sorry! would you mind correcting it? Thank you Miss Milki! px

The Clothes Horse said...

That would have made an amazing ad campaign.
P.S. Mad Men is about an ad agency in the early 1960s and they focus on the people and their interactions. Male/female dynamics at the home and in the office.