Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quirky Colour

I highly recommend reading this fabulous article written by Joanna Goddard for New York Magazine about five people who each dress monochromatically in one specific colour. Anyone who knew me in my teenage years will remember my signature purple as I used to wear an awful lot of it, but I'm not sure I could wear even purple head to toe every single day. I find the idea fascinating though. I think that alot of us are very sensitive to colour and have our own colour eccentricities, these people have taken that to the extreme. For example I just can't wear brown (I've made an exception for just one pair of boots), I've a friend who won't wear grey and another friend who is trying to break an addiction to black. What really impresses me is about the people in this article is their dedication to their chosen colour. Valeria, who wears only blue, colours white shoes shoes with the right colour marker (expensive shoes! I'd be terrified!!!) ...."I also buy white Chanel and Christian Louboutin shoes, and I color them blue with custom-ordered electric-blue Sharpies"... and her cosmetics..."YSL No. 3 mascara, Chanel Blue Satin nail polish, and blue LancĂ´me lip gloss". And Rebecca (grey) even matches the actual soles of her shoes!... "even the soles of my shoes have to be gray or white. I get annoyed if the soles are black."

I also find it really interesting to examine the different reasons they have for dressing in their colour. Elizabeth started dressing in green because she missed being surrounded by nature. Rebecca chose grey because it's a clean "non-colour", she'd had a bad year and needed to get away from the turquoise colour associated with the clothing line she designs. Karim wears white because it makes him feel angelic and free.Valeria chooses blue for intellectual reasaons; its historically interesting, it symbolises loyalty and is a peaceful colour. Stephin Merrit alone seems to have far more practical reasons for wearing brown; it matches easily and doesn't show dirt!

Personally, I won't wear brown because it makes me feel dull and boring and depressed and frumpy. I actually like the colour on other people but for some reason it really makes me feel terrible so I just don't wear it, nor would I ever decorate my home using brown. And why did I wear the purple of my teen years? I think I wore it because it was unusual and unique to me. It was my way of being an individual.

So, how about you? What are your colour eccentricities? Colours you love or hate to wear?

PS (For all you architects out there) I had to laugh at Karim Rashid's comment about being on a panel with nine architects - "I was on a panel with nine architects, and I wore a white suit. Everyone was wearing black except me. I felt detached from the incestuous profession."


bronwyn said...

Wow, how totally bizarre. I cannot imagine wearing or wanting to wear the same colour from head to toe for ever and always. It must be quite an obsession.

Arsheen said...

thanks for the comment Miss Milki, i've finally managed to add your link to the blogroll. and thanks so much for your silent support. my colleague linzi who worked on FF with me. was from cork too, so we got the occasional cork street photo in there, but since im permanently based in dublin, cork street style has been neglected. but you guys have some great stuff. keep up the good work on the blog and stay in touch! :)
ps: huge fan of New York Mag. great article

Molly ;) said...

Hey Miss Milki :)
Its quite alright, i do think you post with such style.

Like Bronwyn, i cannot imagine dressing in the same colour. I've gone through stages of wanting [but my mum wouldnt let me] to dress in all pink, all day every day. I guess it depends on my mood what colour i wear.
I hardly ever wear brown, as like you say its so dull, but i do like blacks if i want to look smart, and bright, bright blue for a fun outfit.

I guess i have my favourites! :)

Oh yes.. thanks for adding me into your links- i'll add you in a sec! :) x

WendyB said...

I too am not a huge fan of brown though I have a few brown things now. I generally find it depressing. I generally don't love navy (make up your mind....do you want to be black? or blue?) I had just decided I needed to cut down the black in my wardrobe -- like completely -- when I went into the jewelry biz. And unfortunately black is a good background color for jewelry, so now I have more black than ever!

The Clothes Horse said...

I love blue, most of my wardrobe is blue, but I'm not that passionate about it! I always think one day when I'm old and crazy I will wear only one color.

Rowley_J said...

What a fascinating post, by a coincidence I recently read somewhere of a woman who's reduced her wardrobe to the simplicity of navy blue items. I love all the beautiful blue in the first photo.

Great to see a mention for Mr Magnetic Fields, Stephin Merritt, too, he's an interesting character, good to see him in another context.

Thinking back & cringing at my own black-clad teenage (& beyond) years - lightened up a bit (but do seem to be partial to quite a bit of brown!) since then, but have reverted to monochrome in the form of my current project of pencil drawings - obvious signs of a recurring tendency there!

Looking forward to reading your next post as always - best wishes.