Monday, January 21, 2008

Weather is perfect so far...

Correspondence is an interesting project by Paul Greenleaf. He collects old postcards from English towns and then returns to their location and photographs them as they are today. Some are just the same as long ago and some are hardly recognisable as the same place. He hopes to continue the project until it extends all over the UK as a "conceptual social document and a critique of changing places and culture."

Had a pretty good journey on wed. A few incidents on route. [sic] Weather perfect so far. Been out all day Thurs & to-day. Rhoda knows lots of beauty spots & loves driving. Sidmouth is not busy at the moment still like it very much – the flat is super. All being as planned return Wed. Will see you soon.
Connaught Gardens, Sidmouth, Devon

It reminds me of that TG4 programme – Cartai Phoist (Postcards)- where they get Irish ‘celebrities’ to recreate the scenes in old postcards. I’ve only seen it once but it was quiet interesting. They were in a little seaside town where everyone knows everyone and were able to track down the child in one of the postcards…he was now in his 50s and seemed both amused and flattered to be part of the reconstruction!

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miss milki said...

Picked the Sidmouth one for you P...another Paul who collects old postcards!

The Clothes Horse said...

That is a really interesting project. There was one exhibit of photographs I saw where a man photographed four sisters, one photo for around 30 (?) years, it was amazing to walk through and see them from year to year and the changes they underwent.