Friday, January 29, 2010

Photos for Haiti

The coverage of the disaster in Haiti seems to have raised alot of interesting questions and debates about the way photojournalism is practiced, but in the aftermath of the earthquake, photographers around the world have been finding ways to raise money for various charities working in Haiti. There are a number of print auctions that I have noticed around the net & around the world. There are so many different prints for sale that there should be something there for everyone's taste & budget. I'm listing the one's that I know about but if you know of any that I've missed leave a comment below and I'll add it.

It's a Love Haiti Relationship by oncemany

Not a print auction but s everal photographers, including the iconic photojournalist Mary Ellen Mark, have donated photographs to help create this special fund-raising collection of captivating images in a MagCloud Magazine Oné Respe,to benefit the people of Haiti. The title Haiti: Onè Respe comes from a traditional Haitian greeting meaning "honor and respect." It costs $12 with all proceeds going to the American Red Cross International Response Fund for Haiti Relief.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Out of Africa

Hope you are all well and had a good Christmas! Once again I've been neglecting the blog. Apologising starts to get a bit old but those of you who blog will know that bloggers guilt! So today I'm catching up on a post that I started to write over Christmas. One of the best things about Christmas is all those good old films they have on. One day I sat down and watched Out of Africa, with Meryl Streep and Robert Redford. (Most of you will have seen it but if not click on the link for a plot summary.) Its a beautifully shot film, a wonderful story and well worth watching if you haven't already seen it. But what really struck me this time was the way Meryl Streep's costumes changed over the course of the film.

From the initial fur & almost military styled outfits with elaborate hats as an independent and determined woman in Denmark, as her character changes and grows so do her clothes. Her costumes are used to express the deeper feelings and motives in each scene. She wears a "school teacher outfit" when she goes to talk to the villagers, she begins to wear classic safari clothes as she becomes more adventurous and goes on safari. Then her clothes become softer and more flowing and feminine towards the end of the movie as she herself becomes more vulnerable. The costumes are all very beautiful and were designed by Milena Canonero, who was nominated for an Academy Award for the costumes.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year Everyone!

Tod Papageorge - New Year's Eve at Studio 54

Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Act of Random Kindness

I couldn't put out the ARK Challenge to all of you without taking the time to do an Act of Random Kindness myself. I decided to do it on a day that I was travelling to Dublin to visit my doctor. I told myself that morning that today would be the day, no excuses! Usually I stay in my own little bubble when I'm travelling, just reading and listening to music, not talking to anyone. But this time from the moment I got to the train station I was looking around thinking to myself what can I do? I thought through some of the Acts of Random Kindness I had read about...maybe if someone was sat opposite me on the train I could buy them a cup of tea when the trolley came around. But no-one sat opposite me. I got to Dublin still wondering what act of kindness I would do. I went to my appointment, had my lunch and finished reading my magazines. Then it came to me, I could give my magazines to someone else in the clinic. So I looked around the lobby looking for someone who might like them, but all of a sudden it seemed to be only men who were sitting waiting! Then I thought of the receptionist. I approached her desk and said "Hi!". Without looking up from her computer screen she said tiredly " How can I help you?". I explained that I had finished reading my magazines and I was wondering if she's like to have them. She looked up quickly and smiled and said "Thank you so much, you're really kind!". I went away with a warm feeling knowing I'd made someone smile with my little act of kindness.

This is the last post in the Act of Random Kindness series. If you've done any little Acts of Random Kindness ( no matter how small they seem!) over the Christmas holidays I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below. Thanks for all your help and support with this project, thanks to everyone who entered The Challenge and a huge thanks to ARK HQ for the inspiration and the t-shirt!

Act of Random Kindness on a German Motorway

As part of the ARK Challenge Sabine from the blog Psynopsis wanted to share an Act of Random Kindness that happened to her and has stuck with her over the years.

"I remember a great act of random kindness happening to me: As a teenager my friend and I hitchhiked through Europe and somehow we got stranded on a German motorway. It was freezing cold and everybody just raced by with a 100 miles/hour, some people honking or showing us with hand signs that they thought we were absolute idiots standing there. We were utterly exhausted, my friend was crying and throwing herself on the floor, wailing ‘I’ll die here!’ (melodramatic, I know). Anyway, suddenly this old, battered car stopped (which was rather dangerous because you weren’t allowed to stop there). The guy in the car said: I saw you 2 standing there and couldn’t just pass by. He gave us a lift to the next bigger stop, where we could continue our travels. To us he was like an angel."


Act of Random Kindness #6

The next Act of Random Kindness from the the ARK Challenge was by Fiona from the blog SOS! Save our Shoes. Fiona recently moved to London but she already knows her way around, so her act of Kindness was "giving an Irish family help on the tube in Liverpool Street." She goes on to say "then I took a Belgian couple with me on the tube as they were also lost". Two acts of kindness in the one day - Thanks Fiona!

Act of Random Kindness #5

Time for another Act of Kindness from the ARK Challenge.This one was done by the stylish Cathy from The Style Strutter blog while she was grocery shopping.

"I was about to go in to do some food shopping and as I was walking past the bank link I spotted a very bewildered looking elderly lady staring at the machine as it beeped repeatedly... I then noticed her wad of cash dangling from the slot it comes out of, which she was obviously unaware of. I just thought that anyone could go up and easily snatch that poor ladies money and she'd be helpless, so I walked up to her and showed her the money and politely informed her that she had to remove her card to stop the beeping!"


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Act of Random Kindness #4

Hope you're all enjoying the Christmas holidays. I've broken out of my lazy haze to bring you another Act of Random Kindness from the ARK Challenge. I love this story from Claire who writes the always entertaining blog Lola is Beauty.

"I was on the lookout for acts of random kindness to bestow last weekend, when I visited Stockholm. At our hotel, I saw an elderly lady struggling down the stairs (no lift) with a large suitcase and walking sticks, so I seized the chance to give her a hand. It was the last flight of stairs down to the lobby, but I struggled to carry her case that far. When I reached the bottom I gave her a big smug smile, whereupon she pointed to a small door that led down another two flights of steep stairs into the baggage area in the basement. She then instructed me to place her extremely heavy suitcase on a high shelf! It was so funny, I think she thought I was a member of staff, though I spoke to her in English.When I didn't take her husband's suitcase as well she looked fairly put out and he glowered at me. I was too knackered! It just goes to show that you can't do random acts of kindness just for the gratitude and sometimes, you have to go beyond the call of duty!"

- Claire

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Whitetail in Snow, originally uploaded by Hard-Rain.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, with lots of lovely food, presents, friends & family.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Act of Random Kindness #3 and a winner!

I'm a little late in doing the draw for the ARK t-shirt, but here we are finally! I want to thank everyone who entered The Challenge for adding a little kindness to the world. And I want to thank Sáileóg & the guys at ARK HQ for helping me run my first ever giveaway.

And the winner is A Chick Named Hermia! Her Act of Random Kindness is below. I'll continue to post the rest of the Acts over the Christmas Holidays, and if any of you are inspired to do your own Acts of Kindness do leave a comment, I'd love to hear about it.

"I find out yesterday that it was one of my co-worker's birthday today and I ran out to the shop this morning to get a huge chocolate muffin and candles and presented it to him! It's pretty crazy in my job cos everyone kinda keeps to themselves and we never know about birthdays!"

- A Chick Named Hermia