Thursday, December 31, 2009

My Act of Random Kindness

I couldn't put out the ARK Challenge to all of you without taking the time to do an Act of Random Kindness myself. I decided to do it on a day that I was travelling to Dublin to visit my doctor. I told myself that morning that today would be the day, no excuses! Usually I stay in my own little bubble when I'm travelling, just reading and listening to music, not talking to anyone. But this time from the moment I got to the train station I was looking around thinking to myself what can I do? I thought through some of the Acts of Random Kindness I had read about...maybe if someone was sat opposite me on the train I could buy them a cup of tea when the trolley came around. But no-one sat opposite me. I got to Dublin still wondering what act of kindness I would do. I went to my appointment, had my lunch and finished reading my magazines. Then it came to me, I could give my magazines to someone else in the clinic. So I looked around the lobby looking for someone who might like them, but all of a sudden it seemed to be only men who were sitting waiting! Then I thought of the receptionist. I approached her desk and said "Hi!". Without looking up from her computer screen she said tiredly " How can I help you?". I explained that I had finished reading my magazines and I was wondering if she's like to have them. She looked up quickly and smiled and said "Thank you so much, you're really kind!". I went away with a warm feeling knowing I'd made someone smile with my little act of kindness.

This is the last post in the Act of Random Kindness series. If you've done any little Acts of Random Kindness ( no matter how small they seem!) over the Christmas holidays I'd love to hear about them in the comments section below. Thanks for all your help and support with this project, thanks to everyone who entered The Challenge and a huge thanks to ARK HQ for the inspiration and the t-shirt!


Anonymous said...

Hi Miriam. :)

Might be that you've stopped writing on your ARK Challenge but I see you're still taking part in it. Thank you very much for stopping by my place today. It really did mean a lot to me what you wrote.

It most certainly qualifies as an act of random kindness and a well done one at that!

Take care and lots of hugs, Lisa :)

Arsheen said...

this is awesome :) glad to see you still blogging! x