Thursday, December 3, 2009

Inspirational Art

I've been thinking recently about how I need more positivity in my life, particularly in the blank space on the wall above my desk. I've always found 'inspirational' posters kinda depressing, you know the ones that hang in schools everywhere with a photo of nature and a motivational saying underneath. I'm entirely sure why, maybe its the association with school. So instead I've found some wonderful inspirational artwork that I'd love to have hanging above my desk. Prints that don't take the clichés too seriously, that have fun and would make you smile every time you looked at them.

'When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade!' from the Keep Calm Gallery are hand letterpressed by Douglas Wilson using antique wooden type so every one is unique. The yellow paper is so cheerful and happy. This is the poster in top position for the space above my desk.

'Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining' is a hand pulled screen print and is also available in silver on grey paper.

'Tea Revives You', so true! Another handpulled screenprint inspired by a 1930's advertising slogan.
'Keep Calm & Carry On' The now famous poster that was designed at the outbreak of World War 2 to help keep the public calm. It works just as well for most everyday situations.'Make Your Own Path' These posters are hand letterpressed by Douglas Wilson onto vintage maps. Each one is unique. All the posters above are available from the Keep Calm Gallery.

'Always Remember' a digital illustration from Studio Mela on Etsy.

'Fly Away' a digital print from Studio Mela on Etsy

'So Very Happy' digital print from Studio Mela on Etsy

'Today is Awesome' digital print from Small Object on Etsy. Edition of 500.

I featured 'Looking Forward' by Heather Smith Jones in my Christmas Wishlist last week but I like it so much I'm putting it in here as well. Its a 2 colour lithography print with handpainted watercolour on paper in an edition of 15.

What hangs over your desk? Any inspirational artwork in your house? Let me know & I'll keep you posted on what eventually ends up in the blank space.


Winnie said...

This is awesome. I currently have my university timetable pinned up....but next to it I have a fab poster of Lily Cole by Tim Walker (the one of her in the blue dress on the spiral staircase). It's one of my favourite images and it makes me feel happy because it's so stunning.

Love your picks too! said...

GAP run a series of black and white ads in one of the VOGUE magazines, it took up around 10 pages and featured a celebrity e.g Liv Tyler) on each pages with a motivational line underneath, I found it very personal and inspiring, it is on the wall of my workshop :)

Little Monarch said...

oh my the poster of being happier than a bird with a french fry really did it for me. I want it. I also love the poster that marge simpson has in the episode where she makes pretzels. it an adorable little kitten clawing for dear life with the words hang in there baby. classic.

Raji said...

Ahh these are adorablee.
I have Banksy's girl with balloon hanging up in my room, I like to think it reminds me that you have to make the most of what you have because it can easily slip away.
These pieces are lovely, I would happily greet the day staring at any of thosee

Kate said...

Love them! I think I need that "Tea Revives You" poster for my kitchen!

Sabine said...

Love your posters! I've got a picture of Justin Todd 'Strong Women' on my wall and it always cheers me up. Sabine x

chicknamedhermia said...

Awh they're great! I loved how they're inspirational and still not clichéd!

donna AND navaz said...

Ok those are all brilliant. Esp the one with the balloon!