Monday, December 14, 2009

Feeling Christmassey!

Its starting to feel Christmassey. The first few cards have arrived and the cake has been iced. The parcel for my brother in New Zealand has been posted, and my Dad is starting to look a bit stressed if you mention Christmas. So this weekend I made a snowflake with my little brother...

...It looks really good but its easy to make. You can get the instructions from Instructables.

But I didn't feel like stopping there so I decided to give my Bonsai tree a little Christmas cheer.

The reindeer escaped from an exhibition invite and I think that they're much happier here.

So how are your Christmas plans going? And more importantly how are the Acts of Random Kindness coming along? There have been some really great stories come in but I've been disappointed by the very low number of entries. Come on guys, spread some Christmas cheer! There's one day left to enter the Challenge. Please, don't let me down!

Here's a Christmas song to get you in the Christmas spirit, by Dublin band Funzo, who just won Christmas FMs Song Contest.

Feeling Christmassey? Now off you go and do an Act of Random Kindness!


Little Monarch said...

your brother is in New Zealand? how lovely. im off making this christmas star right now. its fun and so easy!

im still to acheive my random act of kindness how sad is that!

The Cherry Blog said...

oh im liking those sweet reindeer. yes, im sure they are happier there! xx

Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

Those reindeer are such a sweet touch!

Anonymous said...

That snowflake looks AMAZING!!!!

Walk The Sand said...

I love that snowflake! And they reindeer are awesome.

Anonymous said...

Ah Funzo... I remember back when it was just Liam McDermott. I haven't seen them live in about two years! They're making quite the name for themselves now, aren't they?