Thursday, December 31, 2009

Act of Random Kindness on a German Motorway

As part of the ARK Challenge Sabine from the blog Psynopsis wanted to share an Act of Random Kindness that happened to her and has stuck with her over the years.

"I remember a great act of random kindness happening to me: As a teenager my friend and I hitchhiked through Europe and somehow we got stranded on a German motorway. It was freezing cold and everybody just raced by with a 100 miles/hour, some people honking or showing us with hand signs that they thought we were absolute idiots standing there. We were utterly exhausted, my friend was crying and throwing herself on the floor, wailing ‘I’ll die here!’ (melodramatic, I know). Anyway, suddenly this old, battered car stopped (which was rather dangerous because you weren’t allowed to stop there). The guy in the car said: I saw you 2 standing there and couldn’t just pass by. He gave us a lift to the next bigger stop, where we could continue our travels. To us he was like an angel."


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