Friday, December 18, 2009

Act of Random Kindness #2

The second Act of Random Kindness in our challenge comes from Jazz Lau from the blog Jazz Loves You More, who actually tries to do an act of random kindness most days.

"After a rather drunken night at a club , I was on my way home. Also rather hungry , I decided to pop into McDonald's (this only ever happens when I've had too much to drink) even so , I brought a coffee and some fries , but on my way to the bus stop there was a homeless guy selling the Big Issue. It was such a cold cold that night , I felt bad , so I gave him my coffee and food , and all the change left in my pocket left over from the night. I ended up just waiting for the night bus and eating when I got home. I mean I have a home to go to, and a fridge with food in it. This man has nothing I could definitely wait 45 minutes to eat. But for that man, when the next meal is for him is a bit uncertain. "

You can still enter The Challenge until 9am Monday 21st December, when I will put all entries into a draw for an ARK t-shirt. Have a great weekend ARKing!


Winnie said...

So sweet! It's sad that I can't even think of the last good deed I did...

Raji said...

Ahh thats so nice.
I was volunteering at a homeless shelter over christmas and they were telling me how they are so appreciative when they recieve food, because its true they don't know when/where their next meal will be coming from