Friday, September 18, 2009

Miss me?!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a good summer (if anyone out there is still reading this!) I'm sorry my little blogging break was alot longer than intended but I'm finally back. My time off gave me the space to think about the future of the blog and as a result there are lots of changes coming (including a much needed blog makeover!) My migraines have eased off and I'm really looking forward to blogging regularly again.

My first little addition to the blog is a Tumblr account which I'm calling "Another Spoonful of Sugar". Its going to be like a scrapbook of little things that I like and that inspire me but that don't make it to a full blog post.

Also remember that I'm now Tweeting (Twittering?) and despite my initial reservations I now love it and may even be a little bit addicted to it!

So I look forward to a new season of blogging and of hearing from you via Twitter or by leaving a comment here for me. Let me know that you're still out there, tell me what you got up to for the summer...or what you bought from the Christopher Kane for Topshop Collection. Anything really, just say hi!


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And I'm now following you on Tumblr!x

Winnie said...

Welcome back! I know, tweeting is so addictive when you get into it!

Beth said...

I know I love twitter, will go and follow you later :)
Oh I wish I had enough money to buy that blue embellished dress... But its £125 so out of my price range unfortunately.

Shallow Mallow said...

Welcome back!
Glad to have more reading material again. After all blogs are my magazine substitute :-)