Monday, May 11, 2009

Keeping up with the Joneses

This is just boring housekeeping stuff but I've decided to move along with the times and start Twittering. Well, there was an article in the Sunday Times Magazine about it so it must be the thing to do - and I wouldn't want my little blog to fall behind the waves of progress! To be honest I had mixed feelings about Twittering - I don't like everyone to know what's going on in my life - I don't even update my Facebook status these days. But I've been following some other Twitterers (is that even a word? are they just Twits?) and I've started to realise that it might be a useful way to alert readers to interesting things I wouldn't actually write a whole blog post about. So don't expect me to start Twittering about my breakfast but hopefully I will have something interesting to say now and again! You can follow me by clicking on the link to the right.

I've also added my blog to Bloglovin'. I don't use it myself but I realise that some of you might like it so now A Spoonful of Sugar is on there. Again the link to follow is on the right.

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Dream Sequins said...

Just discovered your blog. I've been on Twitter for a bit and you actually get to "meet" some cool people that you wouldn't normally meet, outside your social circles, and outside your "niche" areas. Have fun!