Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Model Agent

Has anybody watched RTÉ 2's new programme - The Model Agent? What do you think? If you're from Ireland you can't have missed the ads for it but I'll just fill the rest of you in. Its a reality tv programme with the tag - '12 girls, 6 weeks, 1 contract'. Model agent Ellis, comes to Ireland to scout the next (the first?) Irish supermodel. Erin O'Connor acts as mentor to the 12 girls who are scouted and over the 6 weeks they go through a variety of challenges as the group is narrowed down to the final girl who will win a contract with Independent Models London (Ellis' agency) and a cover of Image magazine.

I wasn't expecting anything of this programme from the ads. I really thought it was going to be a cringeworthy cheap Irish version of America/Britain's Next Top Model. I wasn't even going to watch it except that my Mum vaguely knew one of the girls on it. So last night we sat down to watch it on RTÉ Player - I was expecting the worst but was pleasantly surprised. I was expecting the cliché's - fake tan and layers of make -up, the bitching and backbiting, the tears and drama. There was none of that - well maybe a few tears when they chose the first few girls to go home, but by that time we were so in love with these real, happy, friendly, relatively down-to-earth young girls that I even think my Mum secretly shed a little tear at their departure.

I was never an avid follower of America or Britain's NTM (I think I only followed one series) but always used to enjoy watching the odd programme, however in recent years I've grown tired of the fake drama. This is where The Model Agent is refreshing. There is no 'house' for the girls where the most minor incident becomes a major drama, in direct contrast they have their families nearby to support them. They are given advice and coaching by Erin O'Connor and even Ellis the Model Agent, who I expected was going to criticise the girls harshly is kind and supportive. You don't love to hate any of the girls, instead any of them could be your little sister or next door neighbour and you wish them all well. It remains to be seen how the series progresses but after the first two episodes I'm hooked... and I already have a favourite!

Its on RTÉ 2 , Monday 10:25pm
or watch it on RTÉ Player here


LJ said...

Was so annoyed that one of our model friend's wasnt picked.. and some of the ones they picked are duds!
xx-LJ from SOS!

yiqin; said...

Ah I have no idea what is it about. But sometimes I wish I can be a model! =x

Marta said...

I thought this fashion offer may be of interest to other Irish models reading this blog....


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All the best!

thorme said...

Bullseye Photo describe themselves as an established fashion photographer, but apart from a recent (29/04/2009) registration with the Companies Registration Office and a few images of questionable quality on their gumtree ad, there is little evidence to support their claim of being an established fashion photographer and I would advise anyone interested in going for a shoot with them to carry out a thorough background check first and also satisfy themselves as to whether or not the images taken on the day are going to be used elsewhere (check the contract or model release).

Also, as a photographer myself, I have serious doubts about the ability of anyone being able to do multiple shoots and produce finished images to take away all on the same day. Consider the fact that top end fashion photographers might take a whole day to do a single shoot and their retouchers could easily spend as much as 4 hours or more retouching each image!

The old adage applies here - if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!