Saturday, February 28, 2009

Februaury's Streetstyle Inspiration

Its time for some more Streetstyle Inspiration. Its been a great month for it with New York and London Fashion Weeks (more to come on those eventually!) I've noticed a few trends in my favourites so I've posted more than usual but grouped them together by trend.

First of all GREY...I once thought of it as a dull dreary colour but now I'm seeing it as a beautiful soft neutral.

Then we have what I'm going to call the LADY-LIKE LOOK, like the girl above, with a nice coat and a pretty handbag.

Fashion Filosofy

And finally to brighten things up a splash of YELLOW.

Garance Dore


Tina said...

so many great outfits! thanks for the inspiration :)

The Clothes Horse said...

Fantastic coverage. I love the grey and the splashes of yellow are gorgeous!

Winnie said...

Love your pics. I love grey because it's always a lovely contrast with brighter colours!

Arsheen said...

I am BIG into yellow at the moment too! soft yellows, butter yellows, canary and lemon yellows! susie bubble looks great as always!

Liberty London Girl said...

Oh it's so going to be about yellow soon! Well picked. LLGxx

Amanda said...

I love how effortless all of these outfits look--they all look lovely. Thank you for the inspiration!