Thursday, August 21, 2008

Maureen Cahill at the Haven

You might have noticed that I've been a bad blogger lately. Its not because I've been sick or anything... ironically its because my health has been particularly good for a few weeks and I've been out and about in the real world. But it does mean that when I do blog I've loads of real life things to talk about! Starting with an exhibition opening I was at last week.

Maureen Cahill is an artist from Cork and my first ever art teacher, back when I was just a little girl with a love for paint and glue and an obsession Mary Make-and-Do. Maureen is currently exhibiting a new series of paintings at The Haven (Bachelor's Quay) in Cork. Up to now she would be best known for her beautiful landscape paintings in watercolours and oils but this most recent series of paintings are a big change from her traditional style. They are fabulous textural multimedia pieces, exploring pattern and colour. She has lots of paintings of exotic fish and flowers on show but the stars of the show is the series of paintings of women from the Bible. The photos really don't do them justice at all so if you're in Cork its definately worth calling in to see them in a real life. Enjoy!

Finding baby Moses in the basket

The Queen of Sheba visiting King Solomon

Ruth gathering grain in a field


The Clothes Horse said...

These are lovely and how wonderful that you took a class under her.

Nicole Then said...

wow, cool art