Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not being sponsored by Bord Fáilte or anything....

A little while ago I wrote about all the great exhibitions that were going on in Dublin, bemoaning the fact that I wouldn't get to see them. Well this month Cork is the place to be for art, entertainment and culture.

To begin with we have Cork Midsummer Festival which has a fabulous mix of art, theatre and performance. There really is something for everyone. Have fun looking throught the website and planning what you want to go see. Hopefully I'll make it to a few events and I'll be sharing the experience with you!

Summer of course, is the season for gigs and festivals and there's plenty of music going on down at Live at the Marquee.

These are probably the well known, well publicised events that are going on in Cork at the moment, but the ones you might not have heard about are just as exciting. I highly recommend calling into the Crawford College of Art Degree Show 'Soup'. I always find that student exhibitions are exciting but I think that there is some particularly good work in the show this year. I spent over an hour in there today and only got to see half of it so I'll definately post about it when I get to go back and see the rest. Open daily 10pm - 4.30pm until Sat 28 June.

Another exhibition I'm looking forward to seeing is 'Bookish - When Books Become Art' in the Lewis Glucksman Gallery opening July 1.

Cork is definately the place to be this summer...now I just have to find the energy to get to go see everything I want to see! Oh and check Whazon to see what else is happening in Cork...there's probably loads more going on, these are just my favourites.


Anne-Marie said...

Not being sponsored by anyone either but saw an ad in the metro for the Swap-O-Rama-Rama thats taking part in Dublin on saturday. its free and sounds like fun!


miss milki said...

That looks like great fun...and you'll get some new clothes! Wish I could be in two places at the one time!

Anne-Marie said...

I did a major clearout a couple of months ago - wishing I had held onto some of the stuff now - I actually want to keep most of the stuff I own now!! Hopefully the boyf will let me rob a few t-shirts!

The Clothes Horse said...

Ahhh, everything sounds great--I wish I was in an area that organized more events.

The Clothes Horse said...

I was surprised by all the hair comments myself! I was just thinking about how I can't remember the last time I had it cut and it hasn't been dyed for well over a month...I did curl it and throw in some hairspray--I usually just brush and go--apparently it's a popular style! ^_^