Monday, May 5, 2008

My Very First Meme Thing

I've been tagged IndigoAlison by to do this:

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you.

The nearest book to me is sitting right by the keyboard on my Dad's desk. Its called The Best of Robert Service...the back of the book tells me "Robert Service is famous for his vigorous ballads of life in the Gold Rush years of the Yukon..." Well, you learn something new every day! And if you're really interested Wikipedia tells you more!

The problem is that this is a book of poetry so it doesn't really have sentences...just those funny poetry 1/2 sentences with odd punctuation...but counting them and using my discretion, this is what I've come up with.

"....Come, let us on the sea-shore stand
And wonder at a grain of sand;
And then into the meadow pass

And marvel at a blade of grass;
Or cast our vision high and far

And thrill with wonder at a star..."

Its actually quiet beautiful. Maybe I'll have to have a read of this Robert Service guy! The poem is called The Wonderer.

Ok.. so I tag Cally, Rowley_J, The Clothes Horse, Jennine and Miss Spinach.


The Clothes Horse said...

That's a fun tag! And you're lucky with that book near you. All I have right now beside me is an accounting book, I'll have to play later.

Anonymous said...

i have german phrase book!
you wouldn't believe that the 123page has the pieces about shopping.

i guess this is a sign!

Anonymous said...