Saturday, April 12, 2008

Window Shopping

Last Saturday I had a lovely afternoon window shopping from the comfort of my couch. (Yeah I know I'm a bad blogger, its taken me a whole week to post about it!) It wasn't the kind of window shopping where you bookmark things for possible future purchase - where you have to consider money, sizes and prioritise what you actually need! It was pure fantasy window shopping. Susie was kind enough to alert us to the charity auction of some of Daphne Guinness' extensive wardrobe taking place on the 29th April 2pm in Kerry Taylor Auctions and show us some of her favourites. So I decided to spend a few hours in fantasy land browsing through the online catalogue imagining what I would bid on if money (or sizing) was no object.

I have to admit, Daphne and I seem to have very different taste in shoes. There were a few nice pairs but they tended to be mixed in with the ugly sisters. The only thing that really jumped out at me were these fabulous Alexander McQueen thigh-high boots which lace up at the back. They have a really unusual carved wooden heel. I'd wear them folded down below the knee like in the photo - they remind me of pirate boots. Yo Ho Ho!

We were in agreement when it came to bags though. Especially the Lulu Guinness bags and unusual vintage bags.

I loved the selection of gloves, which included two pretty wonderful necklaces. And the lot of Cutler and Gross sunglasses would be a wonderful addition to my summer wardrobe.

I love the back and the neck on this Roland Moret Scandium dress, its actually a black and white houndsthooth fabric although you can't see it in the photos.

I love the structure and texture of this Jill Sanders dress, the slits reveal tulle underneath. I could wear it with this Missoni mink coat. Even the lining is wonderful.

The beautiful prints and colours in this mixed lot of Marc Jacobs dresses and skirts are just my thing.

There are 5 lots of white and cream shirts and blouses, all of which I'd wear. I chose this lot of vintage blouses for the beautiful textures and lace inserts.

This red Moschino tailcoat would really add something special to an outfit.

This fabulous jacket (its definately the yellow detail that does it for me!) comes in a lot with some equally amazing dresses by Issey Miyake and Yoji Yamamoto.

I love this fabulous gothic Alexander McQueen black tulle gown. How could I resist?! Its tulle with pink silk petticoats underneath, a scoop neck, puffy sleeves and straps to hold up the hem 'à la Polonaise'.

This Alexander McQueen summer dress is less dramatic and costumey, and I could see myself wearing it alost every day this summer! I think its probably my favourite piece in the whole auction. Its constructed in panels of plain yellow, paisley and floral print cotton and yellow lace. And it has a cream corset-like bodice, with criss cross ties on the back. I'm in love!

This group of rock and roll t-shirts is a bit of a contrast to most of the auction but I think they'd be a great addition to my wardrobe. I'd wear them with jeans or to dress down a pretty skirt or dress.

Its the diamante buckle belts that I really like in this lot. I'm not sure I could really pull them off but its fantasy window shopping after all!

Its the little kick of hot pink underskirt that really makes this Oscar de la Renta taffetta cocktail dress. It has a tulle underskirt and interesting pintuck detailing on the bodice.

And finally this classic Christian Dior sheath dress. Its the detail of those gorgeous little buttons down the side that show the fabulous design in such a simple dress.

So what would you all choose from Daphne's wardrobe - if money or size were not an issue?


design for mankind. said...

I loooove the Scandium dress. And wowza-- you have a fantastic blog! :)

Anonymous said...

gahhh the moschino tailcoat is fabulous!

Arsheen said...

love the pirate boots!

jenny h. said...

i lovee the first pair of boots.
they are great :)

Cally said...

the tailcoat and the taffeta cocktail dress for me!

re. your comment, i finally found the dvd on ebay for 99p but that same day another blogger mailed me to say it was really crap quality and visually ugly. not to be shallow but if i'm watching something repeatedly i want it to look nice! however... i went hunting through boxes and managed to find my favourite yoga book which i remembered had a section at the back of old folks... that's me just now, so it's ideal. i've been doing an hour throughout the day for the past 4 days tailoring a program to my own needs - feels really good. i get frustr... WOW massive thunder!!! I'm going to swith the Mac off incase theres a power surge. byeeeee x

indigo16 said...

If I had the figure, all of them but in particular the McQueen dress is beautiful. BTW I tagged you the other day hope you can give it a go.

Miss Woo said...

I think the Chanel suits and her selection of white shirts for me! One can dream..

Francis Girard said...

I dont even know where to begin. The rock tshirts also caught my eye, great for london summer with skinny jeans, boots and teased hair. What I thought was kind of crazy was the range in show sizes she has purchased over the years.... i imagine she stuffs a lot of toes with tissues. xf