Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Currently Craving Yellow

To be even more specific, I'm currently craving a yellow jacket. I've been noticing so many fabulous yellow jackets popping up all over streetstyle blogs. It seems like the perfect way to bring a bit of spring (or maybe even summer?) into a grey day, especially at this time of year when winter seems to stretch on forever and spring is so tantalisingly just out of reach.

This fabulous fashionista was snapped by the Sartorialist outside the Marni show. I adore the combination of pink and yellow, and that particular warm shade of orangey yellow is just gorgeous. Also do notice her fabulous silver gloves!

How perfect is this jacket?! The pocket detail, the collar and the bracelet sleeves are all wonderful. In fact the whole outfit (and the girl!) snapped by the Facehunter is beautiful. I love the hat.

I love this yellow patent trench, its just perfect with jeans although I'm not sure i'd carry it off as well as this model. I have a feeling that I might end up wearing it with a skirt and wellies in a way that looks more cute girlie pre-schooler than ultra-cool model! But that could be good too!

The Sart also snapped this girl at Paris fashion week and while I'm loving the jacket and the layers and textures she has going on I much prefer the way the other girls have chosen one or two other contrasting colours (and black!) and let the yellow jacket shine. I think it is overshadowed in this outfit, there's too many other things going on.

This is the outfit that started my obsession...I already posted about this girl from Oslostil but I think its interesting to note that again she has paired the yellow jacket with black and those fabulous pink gloves.

And finally we have lc from Fops and Dandies who has combined her yellow jacket with an autumnal palette of reds, oranges and browns. Again I'm loving the hat and those gorgeous little buttons on her dress...its all in the details!


lc said...

ooh, thanks miss milki!! i love all the other yellow coats featured here - i hope you get one soon!

a side order of style said...

honestly, you have me salivating for a yellow jacket now. I was totally waiting to stumble upon the perfect green jacket at the thrift store, just because I have yet to own a green one (having owned a red, blue, black, white and beige) but now I too crave yellow. I especially love the second to the bottom ("girl from Oslostil")one word. AWESOME

The Clothes Horse said...

Did I miss the memo? I need yellow clothes.

addicted said...

im seriously loving all the yellow too. so fresh and vibrant!