Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Chocolate Eater's Jewels

I'm actually allergic to chocolate (it gives me terrible migraines) but right now I'm wanting desperately to be in the chocolate eater's club just so I can own one of these beautiful pieces of jewellery by Dutch artist Jeannette Jansen. Each 'pearl' in The Chocolate Eater's jewellery range is made from chocolate wrappers and each piece of jewellery is named after the number of calories of chocolate used in the making of the piece. So we have the 3600 Calorie Necklace, the 60 Calorie Pin and the 180 Calorie Earrings. The necklace is made with purple silk thread which, despite not being a choccy eater, I associate with Cadbury's, decadence, luxury and richness. And it takes a full day to make one of these necklaces by hand. How could any girl not love this gorgeous range of jewellery and all it represents?!

The necklace,
elegant reminder of all those chocolates,
tongue-melting, delicious ...
Worth a 3600 kcal, but gone forever .

The pin,
chocolate light, modest and still
so elegant ...

The earrings,
180 kcal light but a precious combination
of every day material and 18k gold.


Anonymous said...

3600kcal! That's even better than any carat diamond ever possible!

a side order of style said...

awww my sister is allergic to chocolate and coffee [migraines and stomach upsets], but i showed her these and she actually really liked the earrings, despite being one of those kinds of girls who doesn`t wear anything other than studs.
i love how it`s based on the calories of chocolate used. a nice touch.
ps. we linked you on our blog, hope that`s okay with you.

Annmarie said...

omg!!! how yummy!!!!!!