Friday, February 8, 2008

Ballet beauty

These beautiful backstage photos from
Rodarte's Spring/Summer 08 show are definately worth a browse. There are photos of the whole process from fittings through the line-up, make-up and dressing stage to waiting backstage before the show. Really gorgeous!

They actually reminded me of some of
Degas work featuring ballet dancers back stage, getting ready for the show and waiting in the wings.

The ballet theme can be continued to their recent
F/W 08 collection, which featured some beautiful pastel coloured ballerina dresses.

Not that it was sacchrine sweet with the inspiration for their show coming from Japanese horror films and Kabuki theatre.

I know that Rodarte seems to polarise people, they either love it or hate it. I love Rodarte. I want to wear exquisite whimsical dresses everyday and I also love the fairytale like story of the Mulleavey sisters. I'm not going to repeat the whole story here but I urge you to read this inspiring article. Their story shows that there is hope for those of us still living at home...and more importantly you can do whatever you want to, not just what you studied for. Where there's a will there's a way! I want to start a Laura and Kate Mulleavey fanclub...anyone up for joining?! (That's only a joke btw, just in case!)


Tessa said...

thanks for the link to that article on the rodarte girls - inspiring stuff! their dresses are so floaty and pretty; i like your comparison to degas, it's very appropriate.

la dauphine said...

i totally agree, Rodarte's is an inspiring story. you can do anything you want if you have vision. And their clothes are so dreamy.

Anonymous said...