Monday, February 11, 2008

It all started with a chair...

I went to see Juno last night with my Dad. Its absolutely BRILLIANT! Long time since I've seen a film that's so hilarious and witty but also touching and real. The dialogue was excellent... (I was very tempted to add a few quotes here but I don't want to spoil it for you) I think some of the jokes and refrences may have been a bit obscure for the general hair-straightened, tracksuited, teenage audience in my local cinema, because I felt like myself and my Dad were the only ones laughing half the time...or maybe we're just easily amused.

The sound track was just brilliant. I'm not really into music or anything...I just like what I like...I definately don't know much about it, but here once again, my Dad and I tried to convince ourselves how cool and hip we are! Him whispering, with a little surprise, at a reference to a certain album by the Carpenters "I have that album!", me replying excitedly a few minutes later " That's Belle & Sebastian I have that album!"

One band which is heavily featured on the soundtrack is The Moldy Peaches and ex-singer in the band, now solo artist Kimya Dawson. I hadn't heard of them before (told you I don't know much about music!) but will definately be checking them out now.

I think the highlight of the film for me though was the reaction of the guy sitting beside me when the baby came out all covered in goo, like they was a genuinely horrified, totally disgusted and very loud "Oh God!" that had me giggling at an inappropriate, should have been very sweet and touching, moment! Did he not know where babies came out? I must add he was in his mid20s and there with his girlfriend. Some one needs to tell that boy the facts of life pretty quick!

In case you're interested in these things Juno is nominated for 4 Oscars; Best Motion Picture, Ellen Page for Best Actress, Best Screenwriting - Diablo Cody and Best Achievement in Directing - Jason Reitman. It also won a BAFTA for Best Original Screenwriting and well, loads of other awards.

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