Tuesday, January 29, 2008

To sleep, perchance to dream...

“…the blurred vision between dreams and consciousness, the yearning for comfort and disorder in the midst of fragmented imageries”

That’s a perfect description of a typical night inside my head but believe it or not it’s also a description of the Spring 08 Collection entitled ‘Good Morning, I’m Sleeping’ from fashion designers Daydream Nation. Daydream Nation is Kay Wong, textile graduate and Jing Wong, theatre director. Brother and sister. They work together to create clothes that tell a story. They believe in the life of objects and design the clothes through play and the invention of myths, resulting in an exciting visually narrative catwalk show each season.

Spring 08 entitled ‘Good Morning, I’m Sleeping’ is a beautiful collection of clothes inspired by that time of the morning inbetween sleep and wake. Unfortunately I can’t find these for sale anywhere online but I’ll definitely have to search them out next time I’m in London.

To really understand and appreciate these clothes you should watch the catwalk show, which is really a fabulous piece of theatre. (I would post the video here but I haven't quiet figured out how so please just follow the link.)

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The Clothes Horse said...

Her clothes look really dreamy and nice for lounging around.