Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blue Houses and Beautiful Stairs

I have to admit that I have mixed feelings for this project by MVRDV. Its a clever rooftop extension to a family house and business in an old part of Rotterdam. I love the idea of it. Each bedroom is a seperate 'house' creating a little village on the roof. The outdoor space becomes a terrace, with trees, benches and little windows so you can look down onto the street. Wouldn't it be lovely to have a bedroom in a garden in the sky?

However I'm not so sure that it works that well in reality. I can see what the were trying to do with the blue but to be honest I just don't like it. Its all a matter of taste but I think its an ugly shade of blue. I know I would be totally depressed if I had to live with that colour everyday!

The main reason I wanted to post this building though was the stairs. Each bedroom/house has a spiral stairs that hangs down into the living room. Aren't they just beautiful? They're simple, sculptural and I really like the contrast between the smooth render on the outside and the warm welcoming wood on the inside. But then again, beautiful as they are, I have to wonder how the family are living with them. Would they not channel any noise between upstairs and downstairs...and how do they get furniture or anything slightly big up the stairs? Ok I have to stop thinking of practicalities now and just enjoy looking at them...because aren't they beautiful?! Look they even have a climbing rope... pretty and fun too!

Photos from dodeckahedron and dysturb on Flickr

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cally said...

I agree, great ideas but the colour is too much, so many gorgeous blue out there, but they picked such a harsh one.

I visited the you tube link you posted, stunning, i'll pop it into my paper cut draft that will be going out near the end of the month and a link to you, send some blog traffic your way.